Let Me Live

January 8, 2011
Living life to it’s fullest extent, is hard to do when your heart is limp.

Cut my eyes, and coat me with mace.
Just to see blood and tears stream down my cringing face.

Pour your lies down my throat like poison.
Makes me think I’m high off linoleum.

Take a breath, may be my last moment.
And waste it with a crying moan of emotion.

Living life to it’s fullest extent, is extremely hard when you’re caged in.

Held under lock and key.
No one wishes to come and see me.

As the life slips from my grasp,
I remember the days of lounging in the grass.

I see you making me laugh and smile,
And not just only for a while.

I wish to stay here for my remainder.
No longer will my silence hide anger.

Now that I’m living life to it’s fullest extent,
I still dream of the days that we had spent.

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