Heart Boken

January 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Is there a better place,

To be right now,

Than to be home,

Listening to the crickets’ sounds,

Outside the windows.

Is there a better place,

To be right now,

Than in the bed,

Closing my eyes,

Falling into a deep sleep,

To forget about the days,

Forget about the nights,

Forget about you.


Nothing better than to sleep,

To forget that you are gone,

To forget your lies,

Forget the way,

You told me,

You never loved me,

Forget the way,

You looked at me,

When you left me,

I want to forget,

I want to leave this world,

Close my eyes,

Fall to sleep to stop the heart,

From beating.

I block my ears,

From hearing the sounds,

Like your voice,

Like when you sing to me,

Those lovely songs,

They sounded to tender,

Now they kill me,

They hurt me,

I don’t want to hear anything,

Don’t want to hear the waves,

Hitting against the sand,

Don’t want to hear the birds,

Chirping outside the windows.

Don’t want to see my face,

Don’t want to see you,

Don’t want anything,

That has to do with you,

I want to close,

I want to block away,

The world to stop the pain,

In my heart.

I want my heart to stop beating,

To stop bleeding,

From your words,

Your lies.

The author's comments:
A guy broke my heart so to get over I had to write about it!!

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