An Overanalyzed Hi

January 8, 2011
By Ryanmcpipke BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Ryanmcpipke BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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She says hi in the hall to me on the way to class,
and a smile rises from cheek to cheek,
I turn red in the face,
my heart stops,
but in the best way possible
knowing that she comes up to say hi to me!
As I walk into calculus though, the smile fades
and my mind wanders back to the conversation...

I mean she did only say hi,
and she was looking at me,
but she did give Bobby this look,
and she came up to me,
but maybe she thought she had to.
She probably could’ve walked with me to my calculus class,
but she didn’t.

She said that she had homework to do,
but maybe that was just a ploy to get rid of me.
I think she is trying to avoid me.
Maybe she was going to meet someone else –
that’s why Bobby walked in her direction afterward!

I knew it! I knew it!
All calculus class did for me
is unveil the unofficial affair going on behind my back!
I walk out of class with a trembling lip,
and eyes that are red.
What a fool I was–

Hey Cutie!

Is it who I think it is?
Yes! Was that to me?
Again, a smile finds its way back to my face,
and I walk on to physics feeling like nothing can bring me down,
but the smile fades and my mind begins to drift…again

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