My True Religion

January 8, 2011
By thesnow BRONZE, Marlboro, New Jersey
thesnow BRONZE, Marlboro, New Jersey
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People say they love god but don’t say they hate him
That’s because their too afraid of sharing love with the one that they call Satan
Where is your god now with all the disasters that are occurring?
People making a big deal out of drinking but its politicians whose words are slurring
We only thank god for the good things and blame the devil for the bad
But all along maybe it’s the opposite and were just giving hell a bad rap
That is to say that heaven even is real
They say faith is believing without seeing but to love you need feel
Well I’ve felt more than anyone should ever have to
And these stories that I’ve experienced are now just something to laugh to
People ask me where my god is but I haven’t found him
I’ve been looking for the wrong reasons and if I succeed will it be a proud sin?
I’ve been thinking about it a lot and when I do I die
Gods not there he’s like Waldo but I was never good at I Spy
I guess it’s just a test of true religion
But the painful truth that he’s not real is a shock to my beliefs and I lay stricken

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