January 8, 2011
Pounding on the windows
the car pulls away
pink bracelet clasped in my hand
I’ll see you someday

The loneliness is awful
it eats at my heart
now that you’re gone
I don’t want to be apart

The bracelet in my hand
from swimming at the pool
might be made of paper
but it reminds me of you

We jumped off the diving board
swam a couple laps
we knew it was our last day
so we tried to make it last

Now I’m sitting in my bedroom
thinking of your name
the phone is in my hand
cause I’m the one to blame

I’m too scared to call your house
you live so far away
but if there’s hope in being friends
I’ll call you sometime today

Ring, Ring, Ring
A voice on the other end
“Hello?” they ask. I cringe in fear
and hang up before we mend

I really do like you
and you like me
but I’m different now
and you’re the same as I used to be

Under a mask of tightness
I still am the same
But it takes you to crack it
and it might cause some pain

Like a butterfly in a cocoon
I’ll someday break free
But until that day it really is
you against me

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nicole11 said...
Jan. 19, 2011 at 9:35 am
that's really good. i love your 2nd to last stanza. keep writing :)
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