My Big Sister

January 8, 2011
By KathrynWilks8492 SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
KathrynWilks8492 SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
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The fireplace lights up the room
Mamma’s cookies rise in the oven
Music fills the air
Our princess sleeping bags rest on the floor

My big sister dances to the rhythm
She grabs my hands and pulls me in
We twirl round and round in circles
Until the room is spinning

The small gap between her teeth
Only makes her smile brighter
Her laughter surrounds the room
Blue eyes shine bright of her everlasting blissfulness

She gently tugs my hair into a French braid
Paints my tiny finger nails
Cuddles me into her arms, kisses my cheek
She tells me how she is blessed to have a baby sister like me

The covers keep me warm as she sings me a lullaby
Monsters chase me until I awake
She says she’ll chase the monsters away, she’s not afraid
She does as she promised

The morning comes
Pancakes and maple syrup make my day
Music once again fills the home
Princess Sleeping bags are put away
And my big sister went on with her day

How I miss those days
Those days when she protected me
Now she has disappeared, the monsters have stolen her.

The author's comments:
My creative writing teacher told us to write about a childhood memory. My older sister and I used to always have sleepovers together when I was really little. Once she got older she forgot about being a sister to me and lived her life of partying. I miss my sister and I wish I could stay in this memory forever.

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