Unspoken Words

January 7, 2011
By Jhanique93 BRONZE, Powhatan, Virginia
Jhanique93 BRONZE, Powhatan, Virginia
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"Manners will get you farther than anything else in this world".~Lynne Bradbury~

When you came into my life it’s like I could breathe again for the first time. With the sparkle of your eyes and a simple smile you gave is when something happened. A smile came to my lips. Shy as I, I couldn’t bare to look at you, for how could someone like you notice a girl like me. Trapped in the inside is a girl brave and adventurous, but stays inside waiting for her rescuer to release her. Is that person you? This boy who puts a smile on my face that shines within. My eyes that holds pain and mysterious unspoken words for ears to hear, yet believe. For the heartache to bear is a story unwritten, but damaging to the soul. With heart on sleeve I hold back from love. Love is the word, which is what I need. I shall get with effort. I have been lied to, but forgiving is my heart. Too forgiving, is there such a thing? I fear of not forgiving or being forgiven. Being held back by fear is going to be the end of me. My fears need to be released and let go. I fear for the unknown that’s going to take place. Only the future lies ahead for us. Still we will never know what will become of it. Not a fortune teller but just a girl with dreams and fantasies about us. My dreams are my starting point to anything in world. I travel, I love, I hold, I let go. Indescribable feelings given to me take place inside that can’t be stopped. Never will I let them go, for they are the only real happiness I hold. Confused sometimes, torn between what I want and need is my down fall. Wondering “If” I will ever get your love in the first place, this is my want and need that I desire. “If”, is an uplifting and depressing word in my vocabulary. If” is never a certified answer from the start, but one that can keep you waiting forever. Always waiting for the unspoken treasures of the world that can never be found, unless you look for them in places never thought of. I believe you are the one to help me through my journey to my heart.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I had low self confidence until I met a certain somebody. I want people to feel that anything is possible for them too. No matter who you are somebody is always there for you. They will find you when you least expect it.

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