Winter Grey

January 6, 2011
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The brisk winter wind
whisking across my face
my cheeks
a soft pinkish color
winter is finally here.

My feet crunching on
freshly powdered snow
white pixie dust falling from the
winter grey sky
stuck in my eye lashes
winter is finally here.

I stick out my tongue
tasting the chill
freezing my mouth
melting within seconds
my tongue ready for new ones
winter is finally here.

I lean down to create a snowball
building my first snowman
rolling the snowball to get
and bigger
so I now have the base
ready to make the middle
winter is finally here.

The Christmas tree
lit and ready for gifts
seen through the
front windows
in my quiet neighborhood
many colored lights oriented to make
a beautifully decorated festive tree
what a joyful season
winter is finally here.

The icicles hanging
off our rooftop ledge
drip drop drip drop
slowly melting
into a little puddle
turning into ice
slippery and glass-like
winter is finally here.

I feel so hungry I could eat a horse
I walk to the kitchen
to find hot soup waiting for me
steam warm on my face
the taste nourishing
winter is finally here.

Sun falls
snow turning dark
Christmas lights shine
blinking, glowing, soft
on my pupils
winter is finally here.

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