They are America

January 6, 2011
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Everyday they walk through bullets.
They jump out in danger, and they stand for what’s right.
But surrounded by bullets doesn’t make them invincible.
Standing up for what right doesn’t make them Superman.
Though, sent here to protect, it does seem otherwise.
Maybe they do have some sort of super power.
Maybe they are invisible.
But if that be the case, why and how do they continue to fall endlessly everyday?
Like rain drops in a storm, or leaves on a cold, heartless autumn’s day.
They risk there lives for us, while we sit and wait and impatiently anticipate there return home.
So should we do something…
Or are they doing enough?
The answer is clear and vague.
There is never enough.
The answer is… we can do something.
We live our lives like everything is ok in the world.
Like nothing is going on in a distant part of the world.
But why?
Why act like that when they don’t?
When they protect…
When they make a difference…
When they stand for what’s right...
When they serve our country.
When they hold our flag high above there heads.
And we don’t.
They are superman, powers or not.
They are soldiers, invincible or not.
They are veterans, alive or not
They are America.

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