Dear Daughter

January 6, 2011
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Behold a new creation, a wonderful baby girl I can call my own.
She will be the joy of me for the rest of my life.
I will tell her I love her every chance I get.
I’ll kiss her forehead each night before she goes to rest her pretty head, and make sure to check the closet for any monsters.
I’ll be as sweet as sugar, but mean as a fat bully who takes lunch money when it’s necessary.
Not to push her away, only to protect her.
I’ll tell her to always reach high for her dreams because she is the one who controls her life.
I’ll tell her love doesn’t come easy.
I’ll teach her that nature is a beautiful thing, and we must take care of it.
I’ll make her strong enough to take on the hard challenges of life.
I’ll tell her that respect isn’t given, you have to earn it.
I’ll make sure she knows she is as beautiful as a super nova.
I’ll tell her all boys want is one thing.
I’ll teach her about Jesus and how He changed many lives.
I’ll make her study hard so there is never a chance of her failing.
I’ll always be by her side when she makes a mistake she isn’t proud of.
I’ll believe in her when no one else does.
I’ll teach her to enjoy the little things.
I’ll tell her to practice what she preaches.
When she says things she doesn’t mean, I’ll tell her she needs to think before she speaks.
I will tell her she is the future, and that she will change the world with just her smile alone.
I’ll teach her that modesty is a good thing. She doesn’t have to expose her body to get her way.
I’ll show her the path of righteousness.
I’ll be the best role model I can be.
I’ll tell her to be a leader not a follower, but tell her again that sometimes it’s okay to follow.
I’ll teach her that life is a precious thing.
She should never waste it on things that waste her time.
I’ll be there waiting for my baby girl to come back home when she is all grown.

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