Be Yourself

January 6, 2011
By vcorrea BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
vcorrea BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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Just be yourself

It’s funny when people try to be something there not
Rich, Poor
Happy, Sad
Why pretend something your not
Trustworthy, Liar
Why lie and be caught in your own lies
See I don’t get many things in this world and that’s one of them
Sooner or later they need to realize the truth about their life’s
Reality check!!!
I dislike that about people and it’s funny
When you know the truth
Ha Ha
So there’s this girl right she pretends she has EVERYHTING
But at the next moment she pretends she has a horrible life
But the funny part is that she expects people to feel
Sorry for her
The truth is that people feel pity for her
If I were her I would want people to believe me
Instead of feeling pity for me
This is the story my mom use to tell me when I was little
About the boy who cried wolf that after lying so many times
When he was really in trouble no one was willing to believe him or help him
My advice is to just be your self if your
Poor you’re poor
If you’re happy you’re happy
Just don’t pretend something your not

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