January 6, 2011
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They surround me,
And fill my mind with ceaseless thoughts,
Consuming me, controlling me.

They start as a little whisper,
Getting louder and louder as they take me over,
Engulfing me in a dimension of paranoia.

These little voices speak to me, tell me what I fear,
They make me do things I should regret,
Yet have no remorse,
I speak to them,
Beg them to stop,
Yet they get louder, louder, louder still!
Go away! Go away! Stop I say!
Get out of my brain, Get out of my thoughts!

I wish I knew why,
But I can't think about it,
The Voices get more malicious,
As I try to control myself.

These little voices,
Have me by a thread,
Controlling my every move, my every thought,
Crushing my brain,
At a pleasant thought.

These little Voices,
They are inexorable,
Have no morals,
Condemning those who condemn themselves,
These little voices,
Are in my head.

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