That guy in the hall...

January 7, 2011
By Dancer_2012 BRONZE, Breckenridge, Minnesota
Dancer_2012 BRONZE, Breckenridge, Minnesota
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“The secret to a beautiful dance is to turn yourself inside out and set your soul on fire.”

You. I see you in the halls, in my classes, laughing with friends, texting, flirting. See, ive tried to have you before. But of course you want nothing to do with a girl like me. So i sit in silence, heart beating like a drum every time an accidental glance comes my way, and I end up blushing furiously. But then, i realize something very important. You are going to be a guy that will never grow up, always jumping aroujnd from girl to girl, looking for the most action, never for love, always for pleasure. You will never be the supporting boyfriend, let alone a real boyfriend at all. you will never be anything less thatn a jerk, maybe being as nice as a player. Your not nice, your mean, selfish, a jerk, among other things. You are finally out of my life, not controlling it like the past 2 years when i didnt know what i was doiong. Your out. Get used to it. Your gonna be hearing it a lot the way your going.

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