January 6, 2011
By Anonymous

You say you just want to be friends
That you are there for me when i need you
What about when your girlfriend breaks up with you
Or when I get a boyfriend
None of that matters to you
You will come crying back to me
I will take you back because i care
You have never cared before
Why start now
At lunch from now on, I will be sitting alone
No one to talk to
No one to hold me when I cry
I am nothing to anyone
I don't mean anything
So many people say they care
But they do not really care
Say they will always be there
But they want you there for them
And when you need them
Where are they to be found
No where
So you end up dealing with it by yourself
But they come back
You tell them
They ask why didn't you go find them
You say that you tried
So you leave again
Alone again
Another holiday
Another class
Did I pass or fail
What does it matter
You don't care ever

The author's comments:
My ex that said that he cared and then left me on my own when I needed someone.

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