high tide

January 6, 2011
we're are drowning in our normal, day to day life. the water is rising and once we are under we will die because we will not even notice it. we will become water itself, eventually, and we will pull down others. but what if swam to shore and break out of this clesh`e we call 'life.' if we were truly living then we'd do something new every week. im not encouraging dungs or alcohol but go see the world instead of staying home or talk to that guy/girl, don't avoid them or just go wild and act like a little kid again. you know your tired of this never ending cycle, you just wont come out with it. the past is gone and we cant change that but we can find a way to break out of these whirlpools and try to reclaim the fun and strange times we missed. im going to. hopefully, so will others.

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