January 5, 2011
Every day i feel the emotion all hitting me one at a time. Though some i will embrace, like happiness or love, while others i will fight off, even if it is until i get home. And some i don't think i have any more because i ignore them. Or at least i try. Those are the ones i despise the most, fear, sadness, and self pity, for they show weakness. One such as i has a past that i still regret. A past that build my reputation.
It was dim lighted, like a crappy apartment by the train tracks. Every time a train came by and shook the room, well, it was like it shook me along with it. Sometime i could control it but not most of the time. The anger explode in me like firecrackers. Now, i feel like the stars, because people will look at me and see the past. Not present, not the future, the past....... And nothing else.

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