Unbearable Triuth

January 5, 2011
By leanneg BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
leanneg BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
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I cannot grasp what you have done,
I abhor you so much I can barley rip you out of my heart,
Reiteration of sorry is as hopeless as your lies,
Your stupid words made me float,
Now is the pain of falling to the stone hard pavement,
If it were possible I would rip your tongue off,
As long as no more lies were upon it,
Your smile now darkness my thoughts,
If there is a feeling stronger that hate I am feeling it now,
Opening my eyes to watch out of others like you,
Dropping your heart and watching the crumbles pieces lay below,
My unconscious body you recklessly threw around is now fighting back,
You came upon my heart in a vulnerable state to use against it,
My face is scorched with the hot coals you have thrown at me,
Goodbye you say for now,
If only now was forever

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