January 5, 2011
By leanneg BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
leanneg BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
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He sauntered as if he was on hot embers but is was unaware,
His eyes pierced through you if you were fortunate to encompass a glance,
His chiseled face has lips that relish of love and fabrication,
He is like a big friendly giant,
The eminence of his stature makes one feel so unpretentious,
He acquires a smile that flutters your heart,
He speaks with soft and dilatory words that formulate people to listen,
Stands as if he owns his place in this world,
Every movement he makes is extravagant and swift,
People are vigilant when around him never knowing what he will do,
He is appreciated but put down for who he is

The author's comments:
this is about an old ex friend

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