The Judgement of Paris

January 5, 2011
“I’m the fairest!” Boomed Athena
“No, I’m the prettiest!” Sung Aphrodite
Hera stepped in, “I have the most beauty!”
Eris smirked, “Zeus shall decide.”

A discord apple lands in his hands
Zeus—cowardly and miserably—
“All three of you have equal beauty.”

Three goddesses argue among themselves.
Eris stands, half-satisfied,
As Zeus heaves the
Golden Apple.

The Golden Apple strikes
The green grass
Beside a man—heroic but naïve.
Each woman proposes a gift.

Hera offers, “Choose me and you shall be king.”
Athena states, “Wisdom and skills shall be your gift.
Aphrodite enchants, “The beauty of a woman shall be yours.”

Paris—man inside and out—
Thrusts the Golden Apple
Upon Aphrodite.

In the distance,
Ares chuckles as
A thousand ships
Are being launched.

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