To Angel

January 5, 2011
By T.D.Maxwell PLATINUM, Blue Island, Illinois
T.D.Maxwell PLATINUM, Blue Island, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
The world is stupid
The world is blind
why cant we all do hippie
and throw up the peace sign

Now let me tell you about this girl named Gabie.
If I met her in real life I would do something nasty.
On the number scale I think she’s a 10 if you ask me,
But then she told me keep it in and don’t freak out,
little does she know that below I’m about to seep out.
I’m over here in Chicago thinking about your lips,
not just that I want grab and tug your hips.
How come people over there don’t find you attractive?
It’s the same here women don’t want me cause I’m passive.
If you were over here me and you would be sexually active.

now in this next stanza lets just keep it PG,
I still cannot believe that you’re so pretty.
Almost every minute I can see you with me
I would really like to be yours someday.
But I know long distance won’t work that way.
And by the time we can see each other,
you probably would’ve found a lover
and I probably would’ve found another.
But as the world turns I’m prepared for that,
l just want to enjoy your company while it lasts.

Gabie just to let you know I find you really really gorgeous,
I would save you from a troll and burn him with my torches.
I would save you from a snake while I’m swinging from branches,
I could fall again and again if only I had enough chances.
I would travel to the ends of the earth and back all just for you,
everybody could call me crazy it wouldn’t change what I’d do.
I would sky dive out a plane and write your name in air,
you may think it’s impossible but I seriously don’t care.

I really love your smile,
I see you and me walking down the aisle.
I know I’d jump right in the pile
If you were buried in some needles,
he wouldn’t even care if they were lethal.
nobody is perfect but I like you regardless,
cause your someone that I see is marvelous.

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