Moment of Love

January 5, 2011

Life is always a heartbeat away from heartbreak. But in that heartbeat, you have to live without fear. Without that fear of the heartbreak, you are free. Only once you give that fear up you'll be able to love without boundaries and in the deepest corners of your soul. You have to take chances; throw yourself off a cliff into the unknown. Accept the fate of the heartbreak, but don't purge yourself in it. Love with ALL of your heart! The best things in life aren't the things that we make happen, they're the things that we hope to happen, the things that we dream about at night, the things we don't tell anyone. The dreams and hopes that lead to love are the things that make life bearable. They're what make rays of sun warm in the day and make the stars shine bright at night. The tears, they are not pain or hurt, they are the splinters of the soul healing; glass clear and shining with strength, they will be the light to the hopeless who still dear dream.

Life is always a heartbeat away from heartbreak. In those heartbeats, though, that's when we live unbounded, when we love the fullest, and when we know anything is possible.

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on Aug. 29 2011 at 10:55 am
musicloveswritting16 SILVER, Troy, Missouri
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Amazing! Love your best friend, emily:) <3

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