Is this just like before....

January 5, 2011
How can you give me these goose bumps, when I'm not sure it's meant to be?
How can it feel so right, when it seems so wrong?
I've been played before just like this, but its still different.
With you it could last, but I have the most to lose.
Not just my heart, and mind, but also a friend.
You say it can't happen, but anythings possible..

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jameswritesinsecret said...
Mar. 20, 2012 at 8:17 am
This poem explains high school. There is so much happening and you are just a part of the bigger picture. Sometimes people just take our essecence but we can't let them win. When we want something we get it. No matter what happens we will always have a heart and a family. They won't give up on us and we won't give up on them. That's just how things are.
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