Road to Ruins

January 5, 2011
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Why would we want war?
All of this killing and people still want more?
Even when were not in war we kill each other
I don’t know what would make you kill your brother
especially when we all originated from one mother.
Why do young women become whores?
Instead of being on the corner go work at a store,
or better yet go to school and get educated.
I see no reason for a young girl to be fornicated.
Me seeing your daughter with those guys, I hate it.
The money would come if only you had waited.
Come on girl there’s other ways to make money,
But I see now that there’s no reason to get bummy.
If we all pull our weight then the world can be sunny.

They say the fame blinds us
just like TV but it also makes everyone mindless
turning men into zombies like they only want vaginas,
they rap about girls, money, and weed
but most of it is just for sales can’t you see.
Most kids don’t listen to the words of a song
Then they think its ok to smoke from a bong
If parents don’t teach kids right from wrong
We can say goodbye to the earth farewell and so long

The American dream is something we saw,
But something was missing something was flawed,
All of these faces, and people are still racist
well get use to us because you will keep seeing our faces,
the human race must sting together like a couple of laces
We must do something If not now I hope soon then,
and if we fail to do so then we will be on the road to ruins.

(The world is stupid
The world is blind
Why can’t we all do hippie
and throw up the peace sign)

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