January 10, 2011
“What is life?” a question often asked, you cannot find the answer inside your head,
The answers very simple, you see. A tingle in your heart, the answer is key.
Millions commit suicide when they don’t seek the truth,
Day by day off the bridge they go,
Dreaming of falling, dreaming of dying,
Dreaming of the life they won’t be seeing again.

Others sit in dark corners of their rooms, cutting themselves until their satisfied.
Blood trickling down their arms and hands,
A tear in their eye and their worries turn to dust;
but it only lasts for a minute, two or maybe three,
until they pick up the blade and start all over again,
surely they don’t know what life is either.

Life is not meant to be crumbled up and thrown away.
If you mess up in life,
Just start a new beginning and keep in mind death is never the answer,
Neither is smoking, neither is drinking,
Cutting was never one of the options.
So think it over and reach out your hand,
grabbing the little life that still stands.
Clutch it tight, don’t let it go,
For if is only given once,
Don’t you know?

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