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Yea, That

January 10, 2011
By Mightymite BRONZE, Accokeek, Maryland
Mightymite BRONZE, Accokeek, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
And they say quitters never win, we walk the plank on a sinking ship

The noiseless tantrum
Oh the grand defiance
Glances to see whos watching, nobody it seems
But maybe everybody
Sneaks one, just one to taste it
It’s majestically forbidden
And boldly hidden
The mythical medusa, or medus-o rather
Rumored to kill, or stone rather
Wants to look just as bad
S/he just wants a hug, s/he thinks
Without being decapitated
While a million and one parquets come and perch on the knee
Just has to have the one white throated sparrow
To pet and play
But never let fly
And what does cloud and sleek make anyway
Static, and steel, and that area we know so well
Curly headed kids
Curly headed prizes from the coveted distributor
Eggshell colored while the ivory shines at its Aryan
While the afro sits unpicked and un-pik-ed
Whats wrong with that, it still loves you
Just not as much as Helen in Troy
But everybody forgets about Kizzy on the field. Forever.

The author's comments:
how i feel for at least two minutes every day.

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