Living for the USA

January 7, 2011
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The fire rings around,
We crouch here on the ground,
It is entertaining for the outsiders,
That we stay her in a mindless manner,
I think I am bleeding,
But I’m not sure if I’m really seeing,
What is happening,
In the land around me,
My friends have gone down in number,
No one knows we are fewer,
My heart is the same,
But if I return they will call me insane,
I have fought many battles,
But I am forced to do another,
The bullets ring around,
I lay here on the ground,
I am now bleeding,
But in no time I will be seen,
By the ones who stand by me,
We have run into this many times,
We have listened to the older minds,
But today I cannot move,
I do not know what to do,
I will stay here,
I will never leave here,
Maybe in body,
But never in mind,
I will be here all the time,
I sit here in my home,
On my bed in my home,
The bullets still fly by me,
But few care to see,
I will forever live here,
I will always live in battle,

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