Broken Bridges

January 6, 2011
The broken bridges are what is left,
of what was and was use to be
but im left fat away from you
no way to get to the other side,
no way to feel safe,
instead of being in your arms,
I feel like im falling,
farther as time moves on,
until I hit the ground,
Im bruised, and broken,
Im hurt without your protection,
without that security I once felt,
For a time in my life,
If feels like your cutting right through me,
with a knife
the ropes have been worn away,
the further we grew apart,
there will always be that burning for you in my heart,
but you've mended your bridge,
mines still broke,
you'ved moved along,
but I've been standing on the edge for so long,
the saddest thing is,
you've already mended someone else's bridge,
and crossed on to them,
you've moved on,
but im still afraid to cross,
cause Im afraid to fall,
and the broken bridges tell it all

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