Beautiful Sight

January 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Walking through the rockiest trails
Suddenly the clouds parted
I could hear the robin’s song and
The water rushing along

The unbelievable sight
Magically appears
The seashore is there
I can hear it with my ears

See the waves crashing in and
The roughest sea
The water’s edge
Rushing towards me

Where the clouds touch the earth
The river ends
The treacherous reef
Never ends

The blustery wind and
The ominous sky
It was an unbelievable sight
As the seagulls flew by

I can taste the salty sea and
The fresh air
I can see the sun rays
Going everywhere

Above the waves
Is a tangerine moon
Reflecting off the hottest sand
The sun will be back soon

During the night
The air filled with spray
The beautiful sight
Will come another day

The author's comments:
This was a poem that I wrote in 5th grade (I am now in 9th) and my teacher liked it a lot. It was the first poem that I had ever written. It was the start of my love for writing. Please leave comments!! :)

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