Death of a Traveler

January 6, 2011
Señora you must comprehend,
why it is Viviana's head that I did rend;
such that it is a mundane detail,
as is my weapon of choice: the metallic rail.
It was quite a simple task, really;
one might even call it silly.
With one swift blow I bludgeoned her head,
spilling its contents, which ran a deep red.
No one questioned, not before or after,
as I fled the scene in maniacal laughter.

Though the true reason of her demise,
was covered up with your very own lies,
I will share what is the truth,
to rid the necessity of a sleuth.
Her time traveling was fake,
which left only my time at stake.
Her adventures I failed to enjoy,
despite the tactics with which the author employed.
I despise your zeal for her story,
which led to the scene ever so gory.
Listen close and take note, teacher,
had I not killed her, another would have reached her.

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