The Brightest Star

January 6, 2011
By VLythia GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
VLythia GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
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"Guys, I think I'm gonna join clown school... But that means I have to grow size 15 feet and a big red nose. Naw, I'll just learn to fake it, but that's after I get an afro."

Laughs and smiles.
The real treasures of the universe,
The lights of the Earth.
Worth all the money in the world
To me.

Empathy and sympathy,
Trying to help someone carry
All the pain on their backs.
Help them back on their feet,
It'll only cost a little of your heart.

Helping a neighbor in need
Can make you light up the world
With that grin on your face.
It's feeling of pure joy
The kind only love can give you.

Watching the people see past the face,
The colour, the tattoos, and the piercings or business suit.
Seeing the heart and the kind soul instead.
It's shaking another hand so different from your own.
That's what inspires me.

It's what makes young children look up to you.
It's what brings tears to that homeless lad's eyes,
When you hand him a few bucks
That you weren't gonna use anyways.
It's what makes us all open our eyes a little.

What I'm saying is
That the world is such a dark place sometimes
Most certainly with some cruelty,
But if we could get over the fact that it's so small
And so very claustrophobic.

And if we could realize that none of us
Are just gonna fall off the Earth and disappear.
Just realize that we're all ??different
And each one of us an individual,
Then we'd make Earth brighter than any star

In the whole universe.??????????

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