Death at my Door.

January 12, 2011
By Yutoma BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
Yutoma BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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I hear a knock on my Door.
I wonder who it could be.
Well this is no longer a safe mystery.
I open the door guess who I see?
The man who holds my Destiny.
He wears a long black cloak and a hood over his head.
With his scythe in his hand he he stares at me with his evil grin.
Yes your right his name is Death the Grim Reaper.
He says "Are you ready to go or should we take this slow".
Is it really my time to go?
Or has he mistaken me for someone old.
Ethierway it's all over now.
All I can do is Think about how I went down.

The author's comments:
Well, I'd like for people to think about it.

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