Love is Love

January 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Men are complicated
When you were tiny
You dreamt of the perfect man

When you get older
You believe that very relationship your in, You think that he is the one
But they don’t quit reach that one important perfection you find in a man

After all the hurt
The pain in the break ups
That you believed the last one was the one
So you lower your standers on love
You find the one
But you wished he had that one thing that you wished in a man

We Americans are losing are touch in love
The french would fight for their to live with them forever
We find a dinner at McDonals on a rainy day is romantic
The french would a white horse for their love so the horse could lead her to the romantic date.

Are fond in love is in romance novels
Yet we don’t want that mushy stuff in are lives
We need to change and believe that one man is out there
And you shouldn’t give up on love
travel the world if you have to find
Love has no elements

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