January 7, 2011
By Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
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"You call on one wolf you invite the pack,"

Two clans collide
That are so very alike
Make my other side and I
Endure turmoil in our minds
A hidden world that only I can see
That I refuse to present to the ones close to me
For I am afraid of their eyes full of disgust
Especially since they already conceal this opinion in their gut
I am the strange one
The one that doesn’t understand their ways
But they don’t see I have no wish to be
A mold of what they allow me to display
What they declare to me
To be the correct way to live today
Their ways are too black and white to bear
Stuck in a box that you cannot breathe fresh air
If you be so bold
To break away from the mold
You will be left out in the cold
Continually being scold
Repeatedly being told
Until you behold
The secret of their world
Then you will gain control
Of a life unknown
So that you can unite
What you believe to be right
Two clans very alike
Who are misunderstood?
Who I will bring together
So we can right the wrong we helped create
So we can be the aids to other’s misfortunate days
And you will be amazed
You will be fazed
You most defiantly will come to praise
The changes I have made
Bounded together
With the thickest throng of leather
We will become the strongest
Because we live the longest
We will make the most mistakes
We will undergo the aches
And complaints
We will gather our strengths with our rakes
We will eliminate the wrongs with our stakes
And when life becomes too hard to take
I will stomp hard on the brakes
Until I understand the makes
Of this sudden lake
Of my fears and scares
That my soul seems to bear
And when I’m sure of the wears
Of my uncontrolled fears
That seems so unfair
I will shed my tears
Let someone care
And answer my prayers
So I can return upstairs
Where the light shines in my hair
And the world pretends to be fair.

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