January 7, 2011
By fnzboy BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
fnzboy BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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I look to my left and to my right I see,
A friendly man who wants to hurt me,
He kicked and it hurt my leg,
I hit and he began to cry and beg,
Pleading for mercy he crawled away
And I went on with my day,
Sitting in my chair I heard a loud bang,
My dog rushed around a corner and sprang,
My dog landed on me,
So I got up and stepped on a bee,
I yell as I see a blood stream,
To cure it I used some cream,
Suddenly my dog attacks me like I’m a steak,
And in fear and pain I wake,
I begin to shout and scream,
And realize it was only a dream.

The author's comments:
I had a strange dream

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