Religious Death

January 7, 2011

My faith is there
I feel it beat
But my escape is true
My mind not neat.
I wish for prayer,
Some day's release.
Woolen gold.
My heart's been fleeced.
Chant for me
And for my soul.
Call me right
But tell me no.
Can I be wrong?
I doubt it all.
But things are true
But heaven's fall?
Was I there?
In some sort of form?
My corpse lies dead
But I'm still warm
My shoulders ache
My posture's bad
But my pain is numb
They call it rad.
Which way is north?
Where's the south?
Can I believe?
I'll shut my mouth.
I will throw up.
I'm feeling sick.
I hear your words,
But they don't click.
Goodbye sun,
But hello moon.
Night is gone
And not to soon.
May be wise
And stupid too.
I said goodbye.
Did I love you?
A life of church
That sounds so sweet.
I am wizened
But I'm fresh meat.
Stay away
Avoid my glare
Keep on moving
Don't stop to stare.
Justice, what is it?
Is it real?
Death is coming.
That I feel.

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