Finding a path

January 7, 2011
Finding my path. Do I know which one is
Right for me?one night I am in my library in my
Big chair in front of theFire pondering on what
I should do

The echoe’s of my library are speaking to me!
I know they are! ButWhat are they saying?
Should I take the pathOf being a famous author
Or being a famous artist?Both…both…both, I hear
A whisper from the echoes Of my library

So as I begin to write I am thinking when and
Where I should illustrate my drawings
I will have to write first then go back
And put pictures in. When I am sure
That my book has been my best, i
Send it in to be published. I had
To wait a few days. When I went back my
books were everywhere. Alas! I have done it!

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