Tail of a Dumb Dog

January 7, 2011
By CallofDoodie BRONZE, Andover, Massachusetts
CallofDoodie BRONZE, Andover, Massachusetts
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I woke up in July 3rd, in a sweat. I did my daily activities, sniffing my but for 5 minutes. It was like a drug to me. I lick my lips as I see a small stub wagging up and down that was covered in fur, it was like a squirrel taunting me with a bunch of bones. I get one more sniff of my butt and had a sudden boost of energy. I first started off with trotting forwards towards the thing, it moved forwards as well. I then go superdog speed towards it, but no matter how fast I was it was faster. I stop for another butt sniff and resume the chase, soon I was tired out of my old bones and so was the stub. I then gave up and laid in my doghouse and dreamt of eating humans and ruling the world

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True Story

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