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January 7, 2011
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This is not another sad poem
cuz I know everyone is tired of that
trust me this is not another depressing poem
where I just write about my death
I decided that I hate those sappy; I’m ready to kill myself poems
those oh I’m so alone poems, I can’t find my home poems
they are the most depressing things
if I hear another poem filled with sorrow
I assure you I might scream
why don’t I ever hear poems about a pony flying over the moon?
or what about a giraffe who could do Kung foo?
No, this is not a poem about my uncle’s useless legs
about how he was shot 13 times
in a wheelchair he sits instead
trust me, I wont bore you with my hippopotamus of a life
I just want to tell you a story about a dog and his plate of rice
would you like to hear of an alcoholic?
too bad, that part of her is dead!
I’d rather tell you of a princess in a magical land, where she was wed
about how her knight slayed the dragon leaving without his right hand
about how an elephant fell in love with an ugly little lamb
too bad that’ll never happen
it’s impossible you see
what a cute animal that creature would be
but, I can’t tell you that story
it’ll never be
oh! How about I tell you about my mom’s perfect husband?
he’s certainly a hoot!
she cries and begs him to stop
but he’s to busy counting his loot!
No! I refuse to talk about those horrible unfortunate things.
I don’t want to bring you to my past
for you to know any part of me
so, I think I’ll write about happiness instead
about how hope reminds me of a yellow panda bear
about how life is as complicated as an elephant playing hockey with a pear
about how joy is just a red fire truck
yes! I think that’s what I’ll do
cuz I won’t write about breaking up
about how sadness is Cindy Loo
you hate it, but sometimes you need it too
I’m done with all these emotional poems!
I just can’t stand to read them
So please, please!
give me a poem about a banjo playing fetus
I’ll do anything to hear a poem that I really want to hear!
just get your notebook out and I promise you will persevere
just promise it’s about a koala with big ears that’s not addicted to chronic!
any kind of poem is good for me except for the painful one’s
just give me a poem that makes me smile, instead of crying for once!

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greenday21luvsbilliejoe said...
Feb. 3, 2011 at 11:47 am
i loved this poem. i looked up poems that had the word sad in them because right now thats how i feel and you made me feel a lot better. thx
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