Justice For All

January 3, 2011
…Justice for All.

You may repeat these words every day,
Do what you may,
But you are putting your hand on your heart and pledging to a country that does not exist.

People say


But what I see is


And that’s just what we are.
A broken down essay with
Run on Sentences,
Faulty Punctuation,
No smooth transitions.

There has to come a time in my time
Where we can stop and listen to the one next to us,

Stop the greedy, ghastly lust
For a domination,
Angry nation.

We need a restoration.

We need a permanent occasion
Where we are the U.S.A.

And we’ll accomplish it.

Word by Word.

Voice by Voice.

Compromise by Compromise.

Human by Human.

There has to come a time in my time
Where there is

Justice for All…

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