Minutes From Death

January 3, 2011
April 15,1912

On board the Titanic

This may be the last thing I am ever able to write
For an iceberg hit the ship early this morning.
The crew of this ship started telling women and children
To escape first.
But they wouldn't let mama and me come up.
They only meant first class, not third.
There aren't enough lifeboats for all of us.
And now, as I am about to die,
The cold Atlantic water around my waist
And climbing higher,
I have the urge to cry.
But no hot tears fall.
Instead I write.

Goodbye Mollie and mama and papa.
Goodbye Jaimie, who comforted me in times of sorrow.
And goodbye to those who kept us down here to die,
For you know not what you do.

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