Birds Flying High

January 3, 2011
Flying over
This empty world,
Emptied of passion,
Compassion, it's been emptied.
Flying high.

But are you really flying high,
When your eyes are finally opened wide
To raw and heartless
Who are you?

Who are you,
Such a little speck to me
While I'm flying so high,
High in the atmosphere
Watching you judge.

If only you knew
That I was watching you,
A tiny bird
So high above you,

Boy, how dare you,
You make me laugh.
How dare you point at them,
Accuse them?
Well, I accuse you.

I accuse you of treason
And murder.
The murderer of dreams,
You shatterer of minds
Because of your own insecurities.

If only you knew
That I was so high above you.
If you could see me,
You'd point and accuse, too.
Until you found out that I've been watching you.


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