Home is where it Rains

January 7, 2011
By Kitkaat BRONZE, Peoria, AZ, Arizona
Kitkaat BRONZE, Peoria, AZ, Arizona
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Gloomy, wet and cold
Never soothing nor brilliant
I always believed that even if home was miles away
Happiness is found everywhere in the world

Though when splatters of tears from a cloud hit
Glass windows soaked in another’s sorrow
It feels as if home is too far away
My home, where the rain washes my fears
Where my feet are never cold because of the snug feel of family

Here I thought of a new beginning
Only taking a turn for the worse
Giving a sense of homesickness when it pours

Arizona is not often a crier
Though it still has feelings
When the first spill reaches my senses
It costricts my heart and is a constant reminder of home

The author's comments:
My inspiration was my own feelings, making me feel depressed when it rains. It triggers my heart and leaves a piece missing, after years of not being able to come home, it just felt like there were thorns on the road I stood, stabbing my foot on my way to my future.

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