26 Keys

January 8, 2011
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In front of me is a keyboard,
with 26 letter keys
the shift key
and a few others,
I can create
I can make you feel
Whatever I want you to feel.
I can scare you.
I can bring someone back to life.
I can kill someone.
I can make you fall in love
with someone who isn't even real.
-That’s what makes the pen mightier than the sword,
A sword can't make you fall in love-
I can convince you to buy my product.
I can eat a sandwich.
I can make a whole new world,
and then I can destroy it,
Or I can get you lost in it.
I can say something in such a way
So it sticks in your mind forever.
All with words,
Made from letters,
Made from little pixels on your screen,
That were sent there from the keys,
As signals
In a machine.
I can tell you that the sky is green.
But does that mean it is?
No. If you look outside the sky will still be the same color it was yesterday.
If I told you there was a clown behind you, holding a gun pointed at your head, painted finger on the trigger,
You would be safe. Alone. Just as before.
If I brought Kurt Cobain back to life, he would still be dead.
I could sink my teeth into a sandwich, feeling the lettuce crunch in my teeth, the cheese slipping on the mayonnaise, the taste of deli meat filling my head. But I would still be sitting here, starving.
I can do anything I want
With 26 letters
Minimal punctuation
A space bar
And a shift key, if I’m worried about being proper.
I could achieve the same effect using a simple pencil
Or a pen
And some paper,
Doesn’t that scare you?

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Snake_Tounge said...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 9:08 am
I love this, and yes ..... it kinda does ..... :)
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