Lost in the Rainforest of Friendship

January 8, 2011
By whenyourefifteen SILVER, Seattle, Washington
whenyourefifteen SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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lost in the rainforest of friendship

as we grow older
i drift apart from you
but inside my heart i hold special these memoires

of swinging in the heavens
hiding in the rainforest
escaping evil wizards

i really miss those evenings
of slurping up spaghetti
or whispering about happenings

sometimes when i visit you
i glimpse a tiny spark
of what it used to be

but then the rain cloud
surfaces again, shielding
me from you

as we sleep in the open tent
playing board games to the sound of splattering rain
i again remember

my foot hits the ball
and passes it to you, but
its still not the same

we used to be a team
winning every game
overcoming every barrier


distance cannot change
what our friendship used to be
but it changes what it is

long letters give way to postcards
forever phone calls to quick chats
bffs to memories




The author's comments:
My best friend moved away when I was in 3rd grade. We're still friends, but distance separates us. This poem looks back on the memories of growing up with my best friend.

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