January 9, 2011
Minutes, Days, Months

in the presence of time

I slowly stop.

An asymptote:

it hasn't ceased yet.

I follow the Seconds,

Can an answer

reciprocate my puzzlement?

I reach the Hours,

anxiety and terror cloud

my judgment, unaware

of this fool's paradise, I stumble

upon a substantial thought,

it breeds itself as i march.

Extending my venture

I step forward, one foot

infront of the other.

Winding up to the weeks

reaching my limit, i take a breather.

I've been here for


contemplating my every move.

The mistake is my crutch,

moving is prohibited,

the cliche feeling of being

chain-down colors

my dark soul.

Numbness possess me.

The time stretches to Years.

Peculiar thoughts rush forward

staining the emotional disorder

caused a long time ago.

With the numbness already been gone,

I felt the rigid pain

cross my heart.

This impasse i cannot pass

keeps me lock here

in that particular moment

of time.

I've lived on the imprint

I've made some time ago.

But anguish cant control me now,

One impulsive decision

can set me free from

the years trapped in

the maze.?

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