December 8, 2010
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How does it feel to be alone..
Thoughts running around, fantasy in your dorm, how does it feel to be alone...
maybe a mother leaving her child to run the streets and be wild,
maybe that child can tell how does it feel to be alone...
a wife without a husband, who loves someone else and became a change person..being alone has no substances, interruptions or maybe heartaches...
Tears on late night pillows no self esteem cuz its herself she hates..
a teenager pregnant with no one to help or give advice..
men flipping, giving and tossing her dats all she know of being nice
she doesnt understand, maybe she never will..
she waiting on her superman or maybe tarzan, to make her happy, and make her heart heal..
why do we go through the pain, the tears..
its life we learn from the lesson, how to handle aches, terrors, and fears......

well it will come to a end
there will be a time with joy and you will be able to smile again.
it stops HERE and it stops now

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