Your Heart is My home

December 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Your Heart is my home

Your heart is forever my home
I love your big brown eyes
I love the deep & pleasured looks you give me
You challenge my loving

At night your cold gentle voice filling my ears
Like cotton feeling that teddy bear I receive
I’m dangerously freely in love with you
I’m exhausted by the love you give
The silence you do when you hold me tight

Damn I wanna run to you
Hold you & kiss you & tell you how I miss you
Always thought I was the misses
But now it’s official its over & I can’t let you go
But I gotta let you know
All the s*** I did got me feeling like I’m dying real slow
I finally know the true meaning of karma
& I promise you it hurts

You are the reason that I sleep with my head under the covers,
You are my king and I’m not even British
You are the only reason I do this love & trust thing
I love you so much that it burns when I look at you
You were my friend & my man

But through it all I’m moving
I’ moving on with my life
This might hurt but I’ll be strong
Cause I’m tried of being alone

But I’m still gone
Now I’m happy again
Smiling like never before
I may still be in love

But this will be my home
The heart of you
Far away from you but can’t let go
But I gotta move away
To be in love with you again
I’ll always want
Cause I know I’m strong.

The author's comments:
this poem was written about my love for my first love. Me and my ex-boyfriend recent went through a break up and i want to express my feelings

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