I Am the Thief of Love

January 10, 2011
By Anonymous

My restless heart cannot stay in one place.
It constantly changes time after time,
I can never be sure who or what,
because I have committed a crime.

I am the Thief of Love.
I roam around from heart to heart,
always searching for the one.
In the process I hurt many,
to them, it is no fun.

I am the Thief of Love.
They all swear I think it is a game,
to hold in my hands another's heart.
I wish they could see otherwise,
my true intent from the start.

I am the Thief of Love.
I go to them and steal their hearts,
in selfish hope of finding my one true.
If they are wrong for me in any way,
I swear I return it, just broken, not new.

I am the Thief of Love.
Perhaps I'm wrong, but to me it is right.
There's nothing I can say to make you understand.
There's nothing I can do to change it,
It is just who I am.

I am the Thief of Love.

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