January 5, 2011
By T.D.Maxwell PLATINUM, Blue Island, Illinois
T.D.Maxwell PLATINUM, Blue Island, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
The world is stupid
The world is blind
why cant we all do hippie
and throw up the peace sign

Even when things get hard keep your head up.
Slow down don’t live life like it’s sped up.
Stand still and listen to the sounds
of life when ever death comes around.

Really this is a story for Erika Bolden?
But listen I saw a soul that’s golden.
Yea this is for someone I don’t know,
but Aren’t we all a little broken.

I understand that life is never fare.
You probably think that no one cares.
I actually listen to people and that’s rare.
Just so you know I’m always there.

Killing is a sin
But with your voice
You make me want to do it again and again.
You probably don’t think so but you sing like a saint,
and using poetry you’re the picture I will paint.
With a voice like yours you could move the moon,
You could shake the oceans or keep the world in tune.

All the things you make me do,
You make me write a poem for you.
Well the deed is done I’ve all ready made it,
I put a lot into it please don’t hate it.

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