For Those Who Don't Believe in Poetry

January 5, 2011
By nne1egwu BRONZE, South Holland, Illinois
nne1egwu BRONZE, South Holland, Illinois
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What if I told you that
there is a poem that can speak
for itself that
knows what to say
when to say it
and how

a poem that is SO LOUD it
cuts through the silence in a
lowly lit library
Cool calm but
not always collected and
never backs down from
a sticky situation

a poem that thrives on the
adrenaline that comes with your love
blows your mind with its intricate
details of its step-by-step process
to achieving transcendence
then simply conclude with a
“Whatever” to make it seem like
YOU can reach such a

a poem for you to call your own
to fall back on when you've
lost your way
when it seems like everyone
has turned
their back
on you

a poem that
speaks the truth
knows the truth
is the truth
raw truth
sour truth
truth no one wants
to hear because
deep down
they know
it's truth

You would like that,
wouldn't you?

A poem that makes you forget
about the times you failed
or the times you weren't
good enough for anyone to care

a poem that breathes you in
a poem that you can’t live without
a poem that once you have it
everything falls into it’s rightful

You want to find this poem?

A poem that
lets you be

Well, here’s a pen.
Here’s some paper.
Now, write your poem.

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